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Position Title:
Minimum Pay:
Minimum Education:
Family Advocate I and II
High School
Internal Only:


Provide program case management services to children and families that include health, social services, literacy, and training in compliance to Head Start Performance Standards, federal and state regulations. Assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of parent related activities at the center level.


Regular and consistent attendance is an essential function of this position.

1.	Provide direct health and social services to children and families by:
a.	Conducting enrollment procedures and identifying and addressing immediate needs.
b.	Gathering child health and development information and conducting health screenings.
c.	Conducting home visits. 
d.	Assessing individual family strengths and needs to assist families in setting and achieving goals.

?	Additional Family Advocate II Responsibilities
e.	Providing medication to sick children as needed.

2.	Connect families to needed resources in the community by:
a.	Referring families to community agencies to obtain emergency assistance, adult education, job training, health, mental health, and dental services; including ensuring the establishment of medical and dental homes.
b.	Following up with families to assure satisfaction with services provided by community agencies.

?	Additional Family Advocate II Responsibilities
c.	Establishing rapport and forming partnerships with community agencies to ensure that services and/or resources are obtained to meet child and/or family needs.

3.	Implementing the program’s work plan through collaboration with program staff to deliver integrated comprehensive services by:
a.	Participating in program’s recruitment activities.
b.	Coordinating and facilitating case management meetings.
c.	Coordinating with other staff to support child attendance by following up with families regarding absenteeism.
d.	Participating in planning and implementing transition activities that support families.

?	Additional Family Advocate II Responsibilities
e.	Assisting supervisor with approval of enrollment documentation for family and health services.
f.	Consulting with Family and Health Services Supervisor to develop the Care Plan to ensure needs are met prior to child beginning program 
g.	Observing classrooms to ensure safe and health environments and providing staff training as needed.

4.	Assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of parent involvement requirements by:
a.	Participating in the planning and delivery of parent events, including supporting parent education.
b.	Encouraging parents to participate in program activities.
c.	Assisting with limited translation and interpretation for communicating related to OCDC services.

5.	Maintain a current and accurate record keeping system by:
a.	Efficiently compiling, documenting, and sorting data related to program services and individual family case management.
b.	Entering data and running reports utilizing electronic tracking system.
c.	Completing monthly reports for supervisor.

6.	Advocate for Head Start children and families by:
a.	Fostering an understanding in the community of the program’s mission, goal, objectives and services. 
b.	Participating and encouraging parents to participate in local community advocacy and support networks that provide services to children and families.
c.	Encourage and empower parents to influence the systems of care for health and social services.

7.	Protect family confidentiality and Agency operations by:
a.	Adhering to OCDC Confidentiality Policy.
b.	Reporting any discrepancies relating to family files or other information to Family and Health Services Supervisor.

8.	Maintain technical and professional knowledge by:
a.	Attending trainings, networking, and reading professional publications.

9.	Continually apply safety practices in all facets of the performance of duties by:
a.	Complying with agency safety standards.
b.	Supporting participation of a safe environment.
c.	Immediately reporting any unsafe or hazardous working conditions and/or any injury.
d.	Participating in emergency drills and assisting in the evacuation of children.

10.	Performing other work related duties as assigned.

Family Advocate I - Salary Grade 7: 
?	High School Diploma / GED
?	2 years Health and/or Social Service experience
?	An equivalent combination of education (minimum High School Diploma / GED) and experience in a Health or Social Service field.

Family Advocate II – Salary Grade 8:
?	AA/AS degree in Health or Social Science or related field
?	High School Diploma / GED
?	Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Medical Assistant (MA)
?	1 year Health and/or Social Service experience
?	High School Diploma / GED
?	Social Services Basic Training Certification (SSCBT)
?	1 year Health and/or Social Service experience
?	An equivalent combination of education (minimum High School Diploma / GED) and three years experience in a Health or Social Service field.


This job has no supervisory responsibilities.


1.	Demonstrated knowledge of Head Start system.
2.	Possess current First Aid and CPR cards with infant/child CPR.
3.	Must be enrolled in Oregon Criminal History Registry.
4.	Must pass agency sponsored physical examination.
5.	Must enjoy working with and be sensitive to the needs of children and families.
6.	Knowledgeable of community resources.
7.	This is a Mandatory First Responder Position
8.	This position is an authorized driver and must possess current driver’s license, good driving record, and auto insurance coverage as defined by OCDC Policy.
9.	Must be available to travel occasionally out of town to attend trainings.
10.	Must maintain any current education licensing.


1.	Bilingual English/Spanish required.  Must read, speak and write Spanish and English fluently.
2.	Must have ability to operate computers and possess basic knowledge of MS Windows, Microsoft Word and other software.
3.	Excellent case management and organizational skills.
4.	Excellent communication skills.
5.	Effective training skills.
6.	Must perform duties with general direction given, operating from established directions and instructions.  Decisions are made with general agency policy constraints, but require independent problem solving and decision making skills.


Please see HR for Physical Job Analysis.  


May work outdoors intermittently with exposure to typical Oregon weather.  There may be frequent interruptions, working alone, evening or weekend work, working long hours during peak periods.


Continual interaction with co-workers, parents, and children to provide information.  Must relate positively to children and adults.  Frequently faces deadlines with attention to detail and must complete tasks in a timely manner.  Must gather and analyze data and regulatory material and make presentations to local staff and outside agencies.  Considerable amount of variable levels of concentration with frequent or constant interruptions.  Must be able to handle multi-faceted tasks on a frequent basis.

The nature of this position requires absolute confidentiality.  Any information, either written or verbal, must be contained and handled in a confidential manner.
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This agency believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to our success. This job description in o way implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee. At all times, employees will be required to follow any instruction and to perform any other duties within this or a lower job level upon the request of the supervisor. At times, employees may also be required to perform higher level duties.
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