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Position Title:
Minimum Pay:
Minimum Education:
High School
Not Required
Internal Only:

        Position Summary:

Maintains county buildings and grounds by providing janitorial, grounds keeping and maintenance/repair services.

Essential Functions:

Regular and consistent attendance is an essential function of this position.

1.	Maintains local facility interior by: 
•	Cleaning furniture, classroom tables and chairs, equipment, mirrors and fixtures; washing windows, counters, walls, ceilings, and woodwork; sweeping, scrubbing and waxing floors; cleaning and vacuuming furniture and carpeting; stocking paper supplies where needed; replacing light bulbs.
•	Making other repairs, cleaning or light maintenance as necessary to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for children and staff.

2.	Removes trash by: 
•	Emptying trash containers, transporting materials to disposal area, and recycling materials.
•	Cleaning trash container interiors and installing trash liners.

3.	Maintains building accessibility and appearance by: 
•	Keeping building entryways clean and inviting, picking up papers and trash, removing ice and snow from walkways and parking lot, painting interior and exteriors.
•	Maintaining the lawn and surrounding landscapes, maintaining outside lighting, repairing or supervising the repair of exterior equipment or appliances as needed.  

4.	Keeps equipment operational by:
•	Following manufacturer’s operating and care guidelines, completing operator repairs and parts replacement, assists with the general maintenance schedule to include maintenance of roof-top gutters, HVAC equipment, replacing HVAC unit filters.

5.	Maintains parts and equipment inventory by: 
•	Checking stock to determine inventory level, anticipating needed parts, anticipating cleaning equipment replacement, placing orders with Facilities and Safety Technician’s authorization, picking up and unloading supplies as assigned.   

6.	Maintains technical and professional knowledge by: 
•	Attending workshops, seminars and training, networking and reading professional publications.

7.	Complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and safety regulations by: 
•	Assisting with the implementation of safety and hazardous chemical plans.  
•	Adhere to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) procedures. 
•	Maintaining safe working environment. 

8.	Maintains a team approach to all duties by:  
•	Attending team meetings, staff meetings, parent meetings, and other meetings as required.
•	Providing set-up and break down of furniture and equipment for various meetings as directed. 
•	Establishing open and positive communication and interaction with all staff.
•	Providing positive and constructive input to all aspects of the program.
•	Fostering an understanding of Head Start, its mission, goals, objectives, and program services.

9.	Maintains confidence and protects agency operations by:
•	Keeping information confidential.

10.	Provides emergency services as an Mandatory First Responder by:
•	Responding to child/adult emergencies by using First Aid and CPR skills.
•	Contacting appropriate medical personnel.
•	Ensuring documentation related to incident is completed.
•	Participating in fire drills and assisting in the evacuation of the children.

11.	Continually applies safety practices in all facets of the performance of duties by:
•	Complying with agency safety standards.
•	Supporting participation of a safe environment.
•	Immediately reporting any unsafe or hazardous working conditions and/or any injury.
•	Participating in emergency drills and assisting in the evacuation of the children.

12.	Other responsibilities:
•	Performing other work related or assigned duties.

Education and Job Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED with one year experience in industrial cleaning, maintenance and repair OR a combination of technical school course work OR experience equivalent to 24 months of maintenance/janitorial responsibilities.

Other Job Requirements:

1.	Ability to travel occasionally.
2.	Ability to pass agency sponsored physical examination.
3.	This position is an authorized driver and must possess current driver’s license, good driving record, and auto insurance coverage as defined by OCDC Policy.
4.	Ability to relate positively to children and adults.
5.	Must be enrolled in Oregon Criminal History Registry.
6.	Must maintain any current education licensing.
7.	Must be able to operate hand and power tools safely.
8.	Knowledge of local, county, state, and federal safety/sanitation regulations highly desirable.
9.	Understand and apply appropriate use of industrial cleaning agents.

Other Skill Requirements:

1.	Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.  Bilingual fluency may be required at some work sites.
2.	Excellent organizational skills.
3.	Excellent communication skills.
4.	Must perform duties with moderate direction given, operating from established directions and instructions.  

Physical Requirements of the Job:

Please see Human Resources for Physical Job Analysis.  

Job Conditions:
Occasionally may work outdoors performing on-site repairs, or moving vehicles in inclement weather.  Regularly works around solvents and cleaners.  May have to work split shift (early AM and/or late PM).  May work alone during evening or weekend shifts and may work long hours during peak periods.

Mental Requirements of the Job:

Ability to work alone, with very little interaction with co-workers.  Organize and prioritize work so that daily tasks are completed in a timely manner.  Moderately repetitive work, with ability to carry through assignments with minimum supervision.
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This agency believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to our success. This job description in o way implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee. At all times, employees will be required to follow any instruction and to perform any other duties within this or a lower job level upon the request of the supervisor. At times, employees may also be required to perform higher level duties.
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